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Why Store Cupboard Food?

When I first started thinking about store cupboard recipes, I wanted to have a few back up recipes for when I hadn’t had to time to shop or meal plan. I soon realised there were many benefits to stocking up. I could be prepared for emergencies, avoid last-minute panic shops, waste less fresh food as well as saving time and money.

A confession

Store cupboard food, isn’t just about tins and packets you find in the cupboard. I make a lot of use of my freezer and even store things fairly long term in the fridge and cupboard.

(It’s good to a tiny bit prepared for the electricity going out for days on end, but it isn’t a very likely scenario so let’s not start eating cold baked beans yet…)

So it’s really about thinking beyond a week’s shop and what you can have on hand if you need it.

Being prepared, but not prepping

This is about being sensibly prepared for likely situations, not apocalyptic planning. To be honest, when I first started doing this I felt like it was a bit silly and I would squirrel away food in different places all round the house in the hope that my husband wouldn’t realise the extent of it. Although, of course he just found this funny and laughed every time he found a little stash, like finding my bedside cupboard stuffed with oats, pasta and tins of beans. 

But… when the lockdown happened in March and people started clearing shelves of pasta and loo roll, we were both very happy to have what we had. It meant we didn’t have to join the panic in the shops, and didn’t worry about not being able to get an online shop for a while either. 

My approach is not to have a separate cupboard full of foods that are only kept for emergencies. The likelihood is that if you did this you probably won’t need it and it may go to waste, so my approach blends in with normal shopping and stocking up, and I use many of my ideas to ensure I have a variety of foods in my house all the time. Often these ideas save waste, money and time as well as acting as a backup, so there are many benefits to being a bit more strategic about how you shop. 

About this website

This website is intended to help give you some ideas on what food to stock up on in your home and what to make with those ingredients. The focus is on nutritious comforting, simple food and variety. I am not going to do detailed recipes, just simple recipe ideas and tips on how to adjust recipes and make store-cupboard substitutions.