Store Cupboard Heroes

Ingredients to always have in stock that you might not have thought of;

When stocking up on food it’s easy to think of stuffing your cupboards with tins and packets of pasta and rice, but there a few things that will keep for decent amount of time just on your counter or at the back of your fridge, ready to save dinner one day in the future. 

Just remember to always check dates, remember to stock rotate and only keep small quantities.

In the Fridge:


Unopened they can last for months. Once opened I usually cut into three and put the remaining two pieces in the freezer. 


Sometimes these have dates for over a year away. 

Feta cheese

These can have 2-3 months on the date when you buy them, but go off quickly once opened.


Can have many months on the use-by-date, and stack nicely at the back of the freezer. 

In the Freezer:

Cheddar Cheese

Yes you can freezer cheddar cheese!


Streaky bacon separated into smaller portions which you can add as a flavour base for pasta sauce or stews.

Grated Mozzarella

For sprinkling on homemade pizza, or tomato pasta. It freezes very well and stays somewhat free-flowing, although may need a bit of a bash.

Wraps & pitas

They take up less room than whole slices of bread. Wraps even fit nicely into the ice cube tray and the top of my freezer. 

Roasted red peppers

I find these so useful. I cut them in half and remove the seeds and stem, rub a little olive oil and put on a foil-lined roasting tray. I roast them until the skin starts to blacken. Take out and and wrap the foil over them a bit so they steam a bit to make their skins loosen. When they are cool, peel of the skin and freeze flat and separate so they don’t stick together. Once they are frozen they can put but in a freezer bag together. When you need them they can be easily sliced and chucked in a sauce, curry or serve with falafel and pitas. They add colour, texture and a lovely sweet roasted taste. The jarred ones are ok if you prefer to avoid to faff, but I always I think these are so much better. 

In the veg store:

Butternut Squash

  • These can last for months and months, and even when it starts to go and you will know and can quickly use it. 
  • I would caution against roasting and then freezing unless you plan to make soup as it turns to mush. 

In the cupboard:

UHT milk 

Even if you don’t want to put in your tea or on your cornflakes, you can still use it in cooking for example to make a cheese sauce (with your stash of butter, a little flour and cheddar from the freezer).

Wok oil & garlic oil

These oils are great if you run out of garlic and ginger

Bake-at-home rolls/baguettes

These can have months on their dates, and there are some really nice ones out there. They can be just kept in the cupboard some you don’t have to worry about using up freezer space.

Pearled barley/spelt

Really healthy and tasty, but they also add creaminess to soups and stews so you can get away with not adding fresh dairy.