Store Cupboard Recipe Ideas

This page is divided into sections covering recipe ideas that can be made for ingredients that will last for 2 weeks, about a month, or longer. There is a little about shelf stable recipes too, which only includes long-life items that can keep only on a shelf.

Many of these ideas of simple, obvious things really, but if your brain is anything like mine then having lists of obvious stuff is actually very useful!

Start with a tin of tomatoes…

An aside: For a simple tomato sauce, fry some garlic gently in some olive oil and simmer a tin of chopped tomatoes and a pinch of sugar and salt. At least 10 mins, but longer with give a richer sauce. Passata will give a smoother sauce, or push the chopped tomatoes through a sieve. You can even just use garlic oil and tomato. 

You can serve this with pasta on it’s own, or add; frozen grated mozzarella, pre-roasted peppers or aubergine, peas, roasted butternut squash, jarred roasted red peppers, beans (from a can or soaked and cooked) or olives. 

For chorizo tomato sauce, soften onion and sliced chorizo in olive oil slowly, add garlic for a minute then add chopped tomatoes and simmer. This is nice with some tinned beans in too. You can use it for a pasta bake (add pasta, cheese on top), or make it into a lasagne (lasagne sheets, cheese sauce on top).

If you have some rosemary growing in your garden on on a windowsill, then Nigella’s Chicken Cacciatore is delicious and works well as a store-cupboard food. Use normal onion instead of spring onion and have some kind of bacon and chicken thighs in your freezer. 

Bean burgers and felafels

Frozen parsley

Grated carrot, tinned sweetcorn, jarred roasted peppers can make do as a salad if you don’t have anything fresh. Roasted peppers and aubergine from the freezer pinged in the microwave. Pitas. Sriracha sauce livens things up a bit. Usually do a few chips as well, but sweet potato or squash chips on the side would work. 

Start with a tin or coconut milk…